There’s no getting away from it. In the West, we live in a throwaway culture. Take a piece of equipment to a computer repair shop and you may be told that is is cheaper to get a new one. Every day mountains of computing equipment, printers, telephones etc. are discarded. Many of these are in… Read More

volunteering in Malawi

Charities are known for doing positive work to benefit all types of people. These provide voluntary help to those in need. The aid might come in many different forms, including raising money. There are numerous registered charities operating all over the globe. The story of the Marys Meals charity begins in 1992 in Dalmally, Scotland.… Read More

volunteering in Malawi

The term gap year, which might also be called a sabbatical year, is used to describe the period after finishing school and before starting university or college. It might also be used to refer to the time spent before going to graduate school after earning a bachelor degree as an undergraduate. This is a time… Read More

Social responsibility is a term that is often used in the business world. It represents the belief that a company should recognize and embrace its social responsibilities and not just maximizing its profit. Social responsibility for business means creating businesses that have a positive relationship with their local community and society in general. This is… Read More

A responsibility is a role or action that an individual who belongs to a certain group or setting of people is expected to do by other members of the other people of the same group. It may be imposed or occur naturally by default. Such responsibilities are those that individuals are expected to do without… Read More